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A Step-by-Step Guide to Preparing Source Code for Software Escrow.

Software escrow is a widely used practice that safeguards the intellectual property of software developers while ensuring the rights and interests of software users. In a software escrow arrangement, a neutral third-party (the escrow agent like Codekeeper) holds the source code and related materials, releasing them under predefined conditions. To ensure that the escrow process is effective and beneficial for all parties, it is essential to properly prepare your source code for escrow. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide to help you prepare your source code for software escrow.

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Why Startups and Early-stage Companies Should Invest in IP Escrow

Startups and early-stage companies are known for their innovation, disruption, and rapid growth. As they develop new technologies, products, or services, intellectual property (IP) becomes a critical asset for these companies.

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How Our Software Escrow Solutions Cater For Various Business Sizes

In today's competitive business environment, safeguarding software source code and ensuring uninterrupted access to mission-critical applications is vital.

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The Intersection of Software Escrow and Cybersecurity

In today's digital age, businesses rely on software applications to perform a wide range of tasks, from managing inventory to processing financial transactions.

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Don't Get Caught Without a Safety Net: Download Our Software Escrow Agreement

In today's technology-driven world, software is a crucial aspect of many businesses. Companies rely on software to manage operations, store data and carry out various other functions. However, software can be vulnerable to a variety of risks, including unexpected events that may cause the software provider to go out of business or cease support for the software. In such situations, a software escrow agreement can provide companies with protection and peace of mind. This article will discuss what to look out for in a software escrow agreement.

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Say Goodbye to Complex Escrow Setups with Our New App!

After months of sleepless nights filled with seemingly endless coding and testing, it is finally here. We’re excited to introduce you to the all-new Codekeeper V4!

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Does Your Software Escrow Agreement Include Unlimited Deposits?

Software escrow is an important part of any software development project. It ensures that the software end-user has access to the source code in case of a dispute or other unforeseen circumstances like a natural disaster, or even death. 

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Tips For Choosing a Software Escrow Agent

When it comes to choosing a software escrow agent that suits your individual needs, there are some elements you need to take into consideration.

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We Have An Exciting Announcement

A new year usually brings about a ‘season of change’. New year, new you! Although we can assure you that we aim to continue as the market leader in providing software escrow services, we do have some exciting news.

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How IP Escrow Helps Protect Your Intellectual Property

If you’re a technology company, chances are that your intellectual property (IP) is one of your most valuable assets. It’s important to protect it with the utmost care and attention. One way to do this is by putting your IP into an escrow agreement, or “IP escrow”. This means that a third party will hold onto your IP in case something goes wrong with the agreement between you and another party, such as a vendor or customer. Here are some of the ways that an IP escrow can help protect your business.