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Source Code Escrow, cyber security

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Source Code Escrow, cyber security

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Source Code Escrow, cyber security, data escrow

The Ultimate Guide to Software and Source Code Escrow - Chapter 1


What is a software or source code escrow agreement?

If you’re a SaaS company and you’ve been in business for a few years now, you may have already come across a prospective business partner who was pretty insistent on the inclusion of a software or source code escrow agreement as part of the license terms. Eager to close the deal you’ve been negotiating laboriously for weeks or months, you now need to figure out how to give your client what they want while finding a way to save resources, whether it’s time or money.

If, on the other hand, you’re a company looking to gain a competitive advantage by using new technology and automating your business processes, you may be outsourcing the development of said technology (i.e., software application) to an emerging software company. If that company is not quite established or profitable yet, you may now be considering minimizing the risk for your own company by implementing a software escrow agreement.