The Ultimate Guide to Software and Source Code Escrow - Chapter 11

Written by Content Team | Published on March 25, 2022


Do I need to verify my software escrow deposit?



Escrow materials can sometimes contain files or data that are corrupted, incomplete, password-protected, difficult to use, or contain viruses. Verification is the only way of being certain that, in case of a release event, all the escrow materials will work as intended and that you will be able to effectively use them in a timely fashion.

Verification services are a critical part of a successful software escrow relationship because they are used to validate the completeness, accuracy, and usability of materials deposited into the escrow. Verification helps ensure that the beneficiary (end-user) has everything they need to update or upgrade the software application, without assistance from the licensor (developer), before they actually need it.

Skipping this step could mean finding out too late that the materials in escrow are useless, which could not only negatively affect your customers or employees, depending on the nature of the software, but also be a waste of time and other resources.

Verification services offered by a trusted software escrow agent, such as Codekeeper, give you a complete look into what the depositor has stored in the escrow and ensure that the beneficiary is equipped with everything they need to use their developer’s source code in-house, or to transition to another vendor effortlessly.

The level of verification that’s right for you depends on your budget, risk tolerance, and degree of customization of the software. At Codekeeper, we offer different levels of verification to ensure that all parties to the escrow agreement—especially the beneficiary—get the level of protection they need. 

In a future blog post, we will explore the subject of verification services in more detail, as well as cover the levels of verification that Codekeeper offers.




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