How to Set Up a Software Escrow Account with Codekeeper

Written by Jo Rust | Published on April 5, 2023


Setting up a source code escrow account with Codekeeper is a straightforward process that can provide peace of mind for both software vendors and their clients. By using Codekeeper's software escrow services, you can ensure that critical information is stored securely and released in the event of an unexpected situation.


In this article, we will outline the steps you need to take to set up an escrow account with us to begin using our software escrow services.


Codekeeper Software Escrow Account


Step 1: Contact Codekeeper

There are two ways in which you can sign up for your account. You can either view our pricing options and choose your desired plan on this page. From here you will be taken to a payment page. Once payment has been made, you’ll receive a confirmation email with information on how to set up your escrow account.

Or, you can book a demo call
with one of our experts who will be happy to walk you through our solutions and discuss which might suit your individual needs best.


Codekeeper Software Escrow


Step 2: Set up your account

Our state-of-the-art online application makes the task of setting up your account easy and straightforward. You will be guided through the steps you need to follow to set up your account and we’ll always be standing at the ready to provide you with support should you need it.


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Step 3: Create an Escrow Agreement

Once you have decided to use Codekeeper's software escrow services, the next step is to create an escrow agreement. This agreement will outline the terms and conditions of the escrow arrangement, including the responsibilities of each party involved.


We have taken care of this step by providing a template escrow agreement that can be customized to meet your specific needs. This agreement will be signed by all parties involved, including the software vendor, the client, and Codekeeper.


Codekeeper Software Escrow


Step 4: Deposit the Source Code and Other Information

Once the escrow agreement has been signed, the next step is to deposit the source code and other critical information to our secure servers. This can be done either electronically or physically, depending on the nature of the information being deposited. Most materials that are deposited into escrow are digital materials though. We offer automated integration with over 50 different repositories for you to choose from. 


We then securely store this information until a release event is triggered. Conditions that constitute a release event are described in the escrow agreement.


Codekeeper software escrow agent


Step 5: Verify the Deposit

As an add-on, you can choose for us to verify that your source code deposited into escrow. This helps to ensure that the source code is complete and that you have everything you need to redeploy your business applications and other critical assets.

Codekeeper Software Escrow


Step 6: Release of the Deposited Information

In the event of an unexpected situation, such as the software vendor going out of business or failing to provide support, Codekeeper will release the deposited information to the beneficiary. This ensures that the client has access to the critical information they need to continue using and supporting the software.


To initiate the release of deposited information, the client must provide Codekeeper with the necessary documentation and proof of the unexpected situation. Codekeeper will then conduct an investigation and release the deposited information according to the terms of the escrow agreement.


Setting up an escrow account with Codekeeper is a simple process that can provide valuable protection for both software vendors and their clients. By storing critical information in a secure location and releasing it in the event of an unexpected situation, Codekeeper's software escrow services can help to ensure business continuity and minimize risk.


If you are a software vendor or a client who has invested in a software product, it is important to consider the benefits of software escrow and whether it is right for your organization. With Codekeeper's software escrow services, you can ensure that your critical information is protected and that you have access to it when you need it most.


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