SaaS Escrow Could Have Protected User Info in Mailchimp Data Breach

Written by Jo Rust | Published on April 12, 2023


Millions of users of Mailchimp, a renowned email marketing platform, were affected by a data breach on January 18th, 2023. Sensitive information, including names, email addresses, and other personal data, was compromised. Mailchimp, however, has pledged to secure the platform and prevent similar attacks. Nevertheless, this event raises concerns about the security of Software as a Service (SaaS) products and the advantages of SaaS escrow.


SaaS escrow is a service that safeguards both SaaS providers and their customers by granting access to the source code, data, and other crucial assets if a catastrophic failure occurs. Such failures may include a security breach, financial instability, or bankruptcy. The service acts as an intermediary between the provider and its customers, storing the provider's code and data in a secure place and releasing it to customers only in specific circumstances.


In the case of Mailchimp, SaaS escrow could have been an invaluable tool for both the provider and its customers. It, for example, could have provided a safety net for Mailchimp in the event of this security breach following a previous breach that took place in 2022. Mailchimp's customers could have been assured that their data and other critical assets would remain secure even if the provider experienced a breach or other failure.


Codekeeper Mailchimp SaaS escrow


For Mailchimp's and other SaaS providers' customers, SaaS escrow offers a layer of protection against the loss of vital data and assets. By storing the provider's code and data in a secure location, SaaS escrow ensures that customers can continue to function even if the provider suffers a catastrophic failure.

SaaS escrow may not be a silver bullet that can prevent all security breaches and other catastrophic failures. However, it can provide a valuable safety net for both providers and their customers. SaaS escrow can help ensure that SaaS products continue to operate even in the face of adversity by providing access to critical assets in specified circumstances. It’s a bit like home insurance. You rarely need to utilize it, but should you need it and not have it, it can lead to a catastrophic loss.

As the use of SaaS products continues to grow, providers and their customers must consider the potential benefits of SaaS escrow. SaaS escrow provides a layer of protection against catastrophic failure, helping to guarantee the continued success and viability of SaaS products and services, even in the face of security breaches and other unforeseen events.

Our SaaS Escrow solution provides next-level protection against continuity interruptions in the event that your business should lose access to any cloud-native applications, as well as protecting any user data you choose to store in escrow. 


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