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How I Saved $50,000 on Outsourcing

Written by Danny de Wit | Published on May 13, 2020 | 0 Comments

Are you thinking about outsourcing, but concerned about whether it will be effective or cost-efficient? That’s understandable. Many managers and business owners grapple with whether outsourcing is the right choice for their company.

Fortunately, other companies have made their decisions about whether to outsource, and they can share their experiences with you.

This article takes a look at one company that saved over $50,000 by outsourcing some of their work, as well as how you can get started on the same path to savings and efficiency.


Ovia Health saved $50,000 by outsourcing bookkeeping services


It’s no secret that in order to grow and reduce costs, companies need to be able to automate as many processes as possible. This is true of development processes as much as it is of other business processes.

For Ovia Health, their accounting department was getting stuck with manual tasks. They enlisted the help of an accounting automation solution called Bookkeeper, and the service costs them a fraction of what it would cost to employ full-time accounting personnel.

According to the company, the investment for new accounting software would have been about $50,000 for just the first year, plus the cost of hiring another bookkeeper to manage it.

You can realise the same kinds of savings by outsourcing development.

5 Tips for Securing Your Development Outsourcing

Written by Danny de Wit | Published on May 13, 2020 | 0 Comments

If you’re thinking about outsourcing your development, you must be wondering how to keep your data secured.
Data breaches are a real danger that can lead to fines and damaged reputation. It's very important to understand how your data is being handled by everyone you work with. Especially when working with agencies in different countries where the laws may be different.
This article gives five tips on securing your development outsourcing. These tips include protecting your intellectual property (IP), asking about security certifications, limiting privileges, making an airtight agreement, and preventing breaches.


Protect Your Intellectual Property


Before outsourcing your development, you must be familiar with intellectual property laws. If you’re outsourcing out of your country, you also need to review the intellectual property protection laws in that country too.
Then you can discuss intellectual property policies with your selected agency. You want to make sure they understand the laws and that they follow the rules. Ask about their security measures around intellectual property protection. For example, do their employees sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA)?
The agency should be able to provide these details in-depth. If not, take it as a red flag. You can also discuss discrepancies and have your lawyer add this to your contract.

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